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“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”

Benjamin Franklin

The geo-political and financial backgrounds are changing on the minute, and no one can overcome global competition and conquer new markets out of shape.

From Our Founder & CEO

Marco Beffa

You must always be either the fastest either the smartest, no other option is on the table.

Rethink your value proposition, reassess your industrial processes and your global strategy.

Fire your competitiveness, push your company beyond its​ limits and find hope in the impossible.

In Europe, and especially in countries belonging to the South belt, traditional markets are becoming more and more challenging: falling sales, increasingly reduced margins, delayed payments, and a large percentage of unpaid invoices. In addition, a very high fiscal pressure contributes greatly to make the dynamics even more difficult for the small and medium-sized corporations, engaged in traditional sectors and anchoring their added value to the quality of their products and services.

We provide solutions for an industrial model reorganization, aimed to an aggressive internationalization, focusing on one of the most important HUBS in the world, Dubai, the perfect gateway to conquer key markets.

From Our Expertise

Client Benefits

  • A strategic geographical position, the perfect financial hub, a superb landscape for operations, from where it is possible to engage with all markets worldwide (no political constraints).
  • Relationships with public sector are easy, clear, and transparent.
  • A taxation rate of 0% for both corporate and individuals, with the opportunity to optimize the fiscal impact for the entire industrial group and its shareholders.
  • Total security: 0% in terms of robberies, break-ins, and other violent crimes.
  • No strikes or other social turmoil.
  • Very low staff costs and no social charges.
  • Complete flexibility of the labor market.


What We Can Do For You

  • Analysis of your industrial model, processes, products and markets.
  • Design a structural, bespoke turnaround model 
  • Execute the plan 
  • Launch the international expansion 

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